About us

Coordinator of the INCAMP project
Florin Ioras

Professor at the Buckinghamshire New University

E-mail: florin.ioras@bucks.ac.uk

Ricardo Tavio Gallo

CEO at Ecosistemas Virtuales y Modulares SL

E-mail: ricardo.tavio@evm.net

Juan Carlo Santamarta

Professor at the Universidad De La Laguna

E-mail: jcsanta@ull.edu.es

Marco Vieira

Department Coordinator at Camara de Comercio e Industria da Madeira

E-mail: marco.vieira@acif-ccim.pt

Jose Carlos Rodrigues Pereira

Director at Instituto Profissional dos Transportes e Logística da Madeira

E-mail: geral@iptl.pt

Indrachapa Bandara

Director at EyeBB Systems Ltd

E-mail: i.banadara@eyebb.co.uk

Nicholas Christofides

Assistant Professor at Frederick University

E-mail: n.chrsitofides@frederick.ac.cy

Mafalda Freitas

Director at Marina Do Funchal

E-mail: marina@marina-funchal.com

Manfredi Bruccoleri

Associate Professor at University of Palermo

E-mail: manfredi.bruccoleri@unipa.it

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