Intellectual Outputs 1

Carbon Neutral Sport Marina Management: Current skills and qualifications state of the art

Intellectual Outputs 2

Training path, learning content structure and guidelines for trainers

  • O2-A1: Training Paths definition
  • O2-A2: Definition of learning content modules
  • O2-A3: Harmonization and validation of learning modules and training paths
  • O2-A4: Development of the guidelines for teachers and trainers
Intellectual Outputs 3

Learning Platform

  • O3-A1: Elaboration of functional and non-functional specifications
  • O3-A2: Training Content Integration
  • O3-A3: Test release and platform improvement
  • O3-A4: Guidelines on how to use e-Learning Platform
Intellectual Outputs 4

Modules Material

  • O4-A1: Training of Trainers: Content Editors
  • O4-A2: Development of classroom training modules for the International Master MODULES PROGRAMME
  • O4-A3: Development of online modules for the International Master Degree
  • O4-A4: Evaluation

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